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B&W 685 S2 + Rotel RA-12 high quality recording with blue yeti microphone

Playing Enya, Béla Fleck, Alan Taylor and Daft Punk on my Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 that are standing on a pair of Auralex MoPADs.

Toyota Carina II Extreme cold start -28°C (-18°F) + Drive

Starting my Toyota Carina II from 1992 after it have been standing in ~-28°C for 24+ hours. Lots of dark smoke + low oil pressure for a few seconds… I then take it for a little drive where …

XTZ 99 w10.16 & Argon 7460A – Sub Bass Excursion

An XTZ 99 w10.16 subwoofer connected to a pair of Argon 7460A active speakers playing some low frequency music! Press “read more” to find out more about about the sub and the settings used!

Peugeot 107 Extreme Cold Start -30ºC (-22ºF)

Starting a Peugeot 107 after it have been standing in -30ºC without a block heater for about 24 hours. After the car started and we got rid of all the ice, we went out driving for over an …

Why not record your flight?

Well I did and created a short video of it. Flight is from Stockholm Arlanda to Luleå Airport in december 2015 and the plane is a Boeing 737-600. Music in the video is: London Grammar – Hey Now