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New PB16-Ultra & SB16-Ultra subwoofers from SVS

I’m an enthusiast so just hade to make this update! Subwoofer specialist SVS sound has just announced two new models that instantly stand out for their awe-inspiring specifications. The new 16-Ultra series, featuring the SB16-Ultra ($2000) sealed-box sub …

XTZ 99 w10.16 & Argon 7460A – Sub Bass Excursion

An XTZ 99 w10.16 subwoofer connected to a pair of Argon 7460A active speakers playing some low frequency music! Press “read more” to find out more about about the sub and the settings used!

Argon 7460A – active loudspeaker playing low freq music

Playing some low frequency music with my Argon 7460a that I bought a few weeks after christmas. Sorry about the bad quality and aspect ratio but I’ve recorded this with my shitty phone (sony xperia z) I’ve connected …