XTZ 99 w10.16 & Argon 7460A – Sub Bass Excursion

An XTZ 99 w10.16 subwoofer connected to a pair of Argon 7460A active speakers playing some low frequency music!
Press “read more” to find out more about about the sub and the settings used!

I’ve turned EQ1 on on the subwoofer (Increases 7dB @ 25Hz) and volume on the sub is set to ~40%.

I’m actually not playing that high in the video since I don’t want the mic to start clipping and I do live in an appartment as well.
I could play much louder with both the sub and the speakers without distortion if I wanted to (I’ve done that to ofc :)).

Music in the video is: Basstronic – Sub Bass Excursion

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