Free public Pi-hole DNS with ipv6 support

The project is called

What is host public ad blocking DNS servers using pi-hole. They are available for everyone to use! We operate under a very strict privacy policy to ensure the highest possible privacy for everyone who use our DNS servers. You’ve probably heard about pi-hole? Well, our DNS servers are public pi-hole instances available for everyone to use.

Download Linksys Velop (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303) firmware versions

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Band, 3-Pack White (AC6600) | retreived 2019-07-06 from:

Download any Linksys firmware version! Allows for easy rollback of your Linksys Velop firmware.

I’ve had some issues with apple devices not being able to connect to a 3-pack of Linksys Velop WHW03 version 2 nodes running on firmware Linksys do not want to publicly provide a link to previous firmware versions but I managed to reverse engineer the URL and download all firmware versions. Both the official Linksys url as well as a alternative url is provided for each version.

Shucking Western Digital My Book 8 TB WDBBGB0080HBK-EESN

I just bought 2 Western Digital My Book 8 TB for EUR 157,55 each (incl. 25% VAT because communist Swede here) from The goal was to extract the drives and insert them as regular SATA drives into my home server for extra storage.

I figured I could share how I did this without destroying a single plastic pin on the external enclosure.

B&W 685 S2 + Rotel RA-12 high quality recording with blue yeti microphone

Playing Enya, Béla Fleck, Alan Taylor and Daft Punk on my Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 that are standing on a pair of Auralex MoPADs.

Toyota Carina II Extreme cold start -28°C (-18°F) + Drive

Starting my Toyota Carina II from 1992 after it have been standing in ~-28°C for 24+ hours.

Lots of dark smoke + low oil pressure for a few seconds…
I then take it for a little drive where I show you guys how the landscape looks when it’s this cold.