B&W 685 S2 + Rotel RA-12 high quality recording with blue yeti microphone

Playing Enya, Béla Fleck, Alan Taylor and Daft Punk on my Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 that are standing on a pair of Auralex MoPADs.

They’re standing approximately 15 cm from rear wall and are driven by a rotel ra-12 together with a HRT Music streamer HD DAC.

USB, RCA and speaker cables are all cheap ones and will soon be upgraded.

Subwoofer is a XTZ 99 W10.16 with both ports plugged and gain is set to 50%.

Audio is recored by a Blue Yeti Silver microphone and it’s standing on my cats tower… I just tore his bed off lol…

Video is recored by my iPhone and was mounted on a shaky stand that vibrated due to the volumes so you might notice some vibrations in the video. The low-light quality isn’t great either.

Speaker placement is of course not ideal and the room is not acoustically treated in any way. I find the speakers a bit harsh in longer listening sessions since I sit so close to them and therefore have a pair of Q Acoustic Concept 20’s on their way!
Although you might not need a sub for the 658’s, I bet you need one for the concept 20’s but we’ll see.

Music played:
1. Enya – The Humming
2. Béla Fleck – Star Of The County Down
3. Alan Taylor – Creole Girl
4. Daft Punk – Solar Sailer

All tracks are in FLAC format played with MusicBee in ASIO mode.

PS. Noticed that I had the mic in the ‘wrong’ direction so left channel audio sounds like it’s coming from the right and so on. Not a big deal I guess.

Watch with good headphones or speakers!

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