Month: May 2015

Dog found disgusting creature in the woods!

Our dog usually runs free in the woods while we take a walk. Sometimes she runs away for a minute but loyal as she is, she always returns. Before, she’ve taken a few birds and even a baby… Read More

Best Mouse Settings for CS:GO

I don’t think anything has improved my game more, than changing my mouse settings. I did some research on this pretty early when starting on CS:GO. The change was so noticeable, that I went from being silver to… Read More

BF4 Game Update May 26

Finally, it’s here! Hopefully EA have fixed some of the buggs making the game unplayable. Here is the full list of changes and improvements included in the Spring Patch. All changes applies to all platforms unless explicitly stated… Read More

Added a bunch of my live streams to youtube… lol why?

Well…. I’ve added a bunch of my previous broadcasts to my youtube channel and they can now be found in the playlist “Old broadcasts” <– GREAT FUCKING NAME!!! Anyhow, the videos are all undedited so whatever you do,… Read More