Argon 7460A – active loudspeaker playing low freq music

Playing some low frequency music with my Argon 7460a that I bought a few weeks after christmas.
Sorry about the bad quality and aspect ratio but I’ve recorded this with my shitty phone (sony xperia z)

I’ve connected the speakers to my computer using a usb cable and the details of the sound is just astonishing.

In the video, the volume is set to ~1/3 of max on the speakers and then I have it set to 70% in windows so if you want, they can play loud as ****.

Rate and hate 🙂

And I must say, the speaker cone is not that “bright” irl… Just the flashlight on the phone that’s reflecting making it look quite wierd.

Music in the video is: Synthetic Epiphany Feat. CoMa – Icarus

Shitty late night battlefield 4 gaming

Just a booring video of me playing bf4.