NoExit.TV now supporting with download mirrors & R.I.P Zombies From Hell [ZfH]

I’ve decided to suppport with some download mirrors so I’ve put aside 30gb so far for them to use and have more to add if needed.
The storage is also hosted on a 100/100 mbit/s connection so that should not be any problems, but doing this, I started thinking back on my old Counter-Strike Source Zombie Mod community called Zombies From Hell or [ZfH].

I’ve used gamebanana a lot in the past and without it I wouldn’t have succeeded with my servers as I did so it only feels natural to contribute back to them with this, even if I don’t know if they need it or not.
It all started back in 2007-2008 I think when I first created my zm server in Counter-Strike Source. With that the community “Zomies From Hell aka [ZfH]” was created and boy, I had no idea that the server would be the biggest zombie mod server in Sweden at that time.

The community expanded really fast and we got a bunch of really great admins, forum moderators and of course, members that was on both the server and forum every day, talking, playing and posting fun things.
After a few years the server was the largest counter-strike source zombie mod server in Sweden, and it was hosted on a old system running an old pentium, had a few 100mb of ram and a pretty slow connection and was standing in my closet probaly running at 80 degrees celsius, but it worked!
But everything good has an end right? It was time for me to start working, and with that, the ammount of time I could spend on the community was divided by 100. To make a long story short, the community was more or less “stolen” by one of my head admins and moved to a new website and new server. This was probably for the best tho since I didn’t have much time to spend on the community. I pretty much gave up on the community since I didn’t have time, and by doing so, killed it.

I really miss those times :'(. I’ve never had as fun as I had playing with all the people that was in our community, and it makes me quite sad to say but I probably never will again either.
So if you are reading this (you’re probably not since noone reads this except fucking bot crawlers) I miss you guys and I miss all the good times we had <3
If you are here, be sure to join my teamspeak server and talk with me!!!

| R.I.P [ZfH] (2008-2011) |

Link to our old Zombies From Hell [ZfH] community website: (It was called back then).

This is why I want to support the modding and CS community so that’s why I added those mirrors.

You can see all our 10 mirrors below:
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P.S If you see a lot of typos, it’s because my keyboard is really messed up atm and I need a new one.

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