Auto generate a maplist/mapcycle.txt for your Counter-Strike server

This procedure takes about 2 minutes to complete and do NOT require you to install any additional software. It’s easily done in windows cmd!

1) Log onto your Server (windows only) or if you run your server on linux, transfer all maps to your windows computer.
Click on Start –> Run (on windows 7+ you can just press start then type cmd and press enter).
Type in the Open: field,
This opens the
MsDos Prompt Window

2) Switch to your map directory by typing in its location and hit Enter
It should look something like this,
cd C:\YourGameServerName\csgo\maps
(if you dont know it, right click on the map directory, select properties and copy and paste the line you see in Location)

3)Then copy and paste this line into the command line:
dir *.bsp /L /B >filelist.txt
This will generate a list of ALL .bsp files in the map directory as a file called filelist.txt
The list gives the names of all maps with the .bsp extension.
Remember, the maplist.txt file can not be read with the bsp extension in the name.

4) To remove all the .bsp extensions in one step, simply open filelist.txt with Notepad.
Click on Edit in the toolbar.
Select Replace
Type in the Find What: field, .bsp
Leave Replace with: field empty
Click on Replace All button. Done.

5) Save the final document as maplist.txt and/or mapcycle.txt and paste into the server root csgo directory.

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