News from Computex 2015

Here are most of the news from Computex 2015 hosted in Taipei.
Please note that some of the videos are in swedish and if something new comes out, this post will be updated.
[Updated 2015-06-09]
I’ve currently added 53 videos!

Video date will be sorted from the beginning of Computex to the end:

Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 Ti – First impressions
[youtube id=”bgCLmr1wemI”]

Corsair Bulldog – Liquid cooled, 4K-capable home theater PC!
[youtube id=”W1uascUBDM0″]

Computex: Award Winning Products & What To Expect
[youtube id=”y87WopNh_wA”]

Asus visar två nya bildskärmar med Nvidia G-sync på Computex
[youtube id=”Ev-8fbXJXWA”]

Corsair introducerar Bulldog – chassi för vardagsrumsgamern
[youtube id=”oTIyejZaswI”]

Be Quiet visar Silent Base 600 på Computex 2015
[youtube id=”mdf8qIS7pSg”]

Asus demonstrerar Nvidia G-Sync Surround med ROG Swift PG27AQ
[youtube id=”gv-BsrVwVdE”]

Zotac storsatsar på Geforce GTX 980 Ti
[youtube id=”EMKVrM7OQ2w”]

ECS planerar återkomst i Sverige via Skylake
[youtube id=”w36oI_1Ez40″]

Asus presenterar Geforce GTX 980 Ti Strix med nya kylaren DirectCU III
[youtube id=”Dw8cdBeBwfw”]

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX – Bigger means better!
[youtube id=”ogQ0pmQLWeM”]

Acer introducerar välvda gamingskärmar med Nvidia G-sync
[youtube id=”QFFO6L5fyxI”]

Lapdog är Corsairs gamingstativ för soffan
[youtube id=”K2DX7XFBPvE”]

Colorful visar Geforce GTX 980 Ti med integrerad vattenkylare
[youtube id=”eNTf1E_Hi5w”]

Fractal Design introducerar Node 202 för vardagsrumsgamern
[youtube id=”KbLxUZ1o0FM”]

Gigabyte visar Geforce GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming
[youtube id=”WlGTxFSFc5A”]

ASUS 980Ti STRIX & Claymore RGB TKL Keyboard
[youtube id=”R03fER5dnNk”]

Corsair Bulldog & Lapdog: Corsair VS The Livingroom
[youtube id=”y4-lqK6YUjc”]

DeepCool ITX Cases & Cooling – Computex
[youtube id=”aOxDJR9YxKc”]

Aorus X5 Gaming Laptop – G-Sync, SLI, & streaming on the go!
[youtube id=”L1VeU4mXmvc”]

ECS presenterar nya minidatorer på Computex 2015
[youtube id=”vPA-YxbRDqg”]

EVGA visar Geforce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked, Hybrid och Classified
[youtube id=”Hz3Dsc8q2co”]

Fractal Design expanderar med Core 500 för Mini ITX
[youtube id=”6zV4EocxpeI”]

Corsair visar mekaniska tangentbordet Strafe med programmerbar belysning
[youtube id=”dnnYHBFVYmg”]

EVGA storsatsar på Superflower i nya nätaggregat
[youtube id=”W9_7e71pT9M”]

Cooler Master visar modulära chassit Mastercase 5
[youtube id=”Kg7CCcklM8o”]

MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro – Eye Tracking & No Tearing
[youtube id=”5zd3GWHg9sk”]

Fractal Design Core 500 – Space saver with lots of potential
[youtube id=”MCyD4u7VaFQ”]

In Win Cases & G.Skill Peripherals – Computex
[youtube id=”l5rm7_8fxcY”]

Asrock Motherboards & Be Quiet! Hardware – Computex
[youtube id=”OJF2MYaHC_0″]

Desktop Video Card in an AIO!? – MSI AX24 AIO & Updated Gaming Dock Mini
[youtube id=”slcyOmqdsTE”]

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-G1 Gaming får Thunderbolt 3 över USB Type-C
[youtube id=”OB8Bn7niwHA”]

MSI presenterar Geforce GTX 980 Ti Gaming på Computex 2015
[youtube id=”TdN5VbajnlQ”]

Seasonic äntrar discoåldern med nätaggregatsserien Lighting Cube
[youtube id=”45lQ8dlyZD8″]

Thermaltake anklagas för plagiat på Computex 2015
[youtube id=”IqOZjShgTPY”]

Most Individual Case at Computex 2015? – IN WIN H-Tower
[youtube id=”tes6rsWfHd4″]

Deepcool visar upp kolfiberchassit Nephrite
[youtube id=”QLHCZhPQqwk”]

Enermax: Cases, Cooling, & A Fanless PSU – Computex
[youtube id=”RmCL_S4jHtk”]

Extremely Customizable PC Case – Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5
[youtube id=”Und-bObrAd0″]

Ducky Keyboards, Viking Technology, & Commell – Computex
[youtube id=”YXGTeAVZaoQ”]

Silverstone tar formfaktorn SFX-L till 700 W
[youtube id=”mwWdJvCs_JE”]

Curved 3440×1440 G-Sync & Flat FreeSync – ASUS Monitors at Computex 2015
[youtube id=”WNJ98TZ3xdM”]

Silverstone ES01 startar och stänger datorn på avstånd
[youtube id=”AZA8ztRn6lI”]

Seasonic introducerar högeffektiv nätdel för 80 Plus Titanium
[youtube id=”V34IJfffZjs”]

Asus visar ROG G20 med Intel Skylake
[youtube id=”baYz0P5Bhdc”]

Murderbox MKII, New PSU, & a New Case – Silverstone Booth Computex 2015
[youtube id=”HsjYDi5qrmc”]

In Win visar transformerchassit H-Tower
[youtube id=”nc62EPp90QM”]

Water Cooled 980 Ti Out of the Box! – Zotac 980 Ti Variants & EN970 ZBOX
[youtube id=”3sv3SboGHcE”]

New, Affordable VR Headset! – GALAX VISION Developer Edition
[youtube id=”7FHJ_WNjFfc”]

Noctua Booth & Exclusive LTT Edition Fan Computex 2015
[youtube id=”CY5CZHsiwe8″]

MSI visar X99A Godlike Gaming med LED-belysning
[youtube id=”WLKc5y8w4zc”]

Bloody (New Optical Keyboard Switch), NeuroSky, Arky, & Pandora Mobility – Computex
[youtube id=”2lEv0koyRCQ”]

Cougar, DFI, & Plextor – Computex
[youtube id=”BDmNv2ndXhY”]

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